Media Relation

We give a customized solution to create and manage your organization's presence and participation in the media. We help you build good association in the business and media industry.We help you promote your brand in the media by using our expertise as below:

Conventional PR

  • Arranging Press Conferences and select press meets
  • Media management includes maintaining Media Relations, Media Visits, Media tie-ups, etc.
  • Article Placements
  • Industry Stories
  • Media one-on-one interactions
  • Crisis Management
  • Event Management
  • New Business Developments
  • News monitoring and tracking on regular basis

  • Social Media
  • Facebook
  • Linked In
  • Twitter
  • * We create and implement the above by keeping your strategic business needs in mind

      Investores Relations

    Public affairs, a broadcasting industry term, refer to programming which focuses on matters of politics and public policy. Those activities mainly promote an organization's program, services, and image to the public.

    We undertake specific communication practices such as:

  • Financial Media & Analyst Relations
  • IPOs and fund raising
  • Financial & investment business to business
  • Mergers and acquisitions communications
  • Investor Relations & Considerations
  • Shareholders Issues

    • Crisis Management

    An unexpected negative perception with regards to your brand in the society can suddenly land down your company’s image in the crisis situation. This can further adversely affect and harm the positive and well built image of your company in the surrounding. Hence every organization should try and avoid such negative appearances in the media as this can further damage the company’s reputation and/or negatively impact a market share value. We help you manage crisis situation by
  • Consistently monitor the media & surroundings.
  • Identify potentially threatening situations to avert crisis.
  • Formulate and develop strategies & procedures appropriate to deal with crisis.
  • Prepare & Implement action plans accordingly for individual company & external environment.

    • Event Management

    Right from the concept development to post event follow-ups, our team guides you with the unique event ideas. Striking the right target audience, we help you in planning, scheduling, organizing and executing an event like,
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Contact Programs for Direct Marketing
  • Road Shows
  • Mall Activities
  • Exhibitions
  • New Product Launches
  • Promotions

    • Market Research

    We do a proper market survey about your brand in the media and the related business market as it is necessary to examine to decide the position of your product and the services offered. This market research includes:
  • A study on your company’s competitors
  • The services offered by them
  • A study on your Target audience group
  • Media perception audit about your brand

    • Tracking & Monitoring

    Our tracking and media monitoring team has an expertise to provide a client with detail documentation that includes tracking for market analysis, competition analysis, media coverage’s and more in the print, electronic and digital space. These media monitoring services tend to specialize by media type, size, geography, publication, journalist, editions or content type.

    A PR campaign is extremely effective; when implemented by tracking, collecting & compiling all the matter published in the media during a campaign. This includes tracking of news clippings, photo coverage’s along with photo captions, electronic footage & online links of relevant PR campaign.

      Public Affairs

    Public Policies can have a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line and delivery. We,
  • Track policies.
  • Anticipate their impact.
  • Give requisite solutions to deal with policy changes.